Alex's Center Line Scribe

Originally posted at "The Knife Network" by alexkuzn



Here is my new knife centerline scribe design. Just lay your blade on a flat surface and scribe a center line by dragging the scriber along the edge.


One screw is used for height adjustment and another (on the side) for tightening of the tip.

I own a scribe from Jantz. Mine is better and since I made it I never use my old one.

1. You can make fine adjustments with the screw.
2. You can draw center lines even after you started to grind (helped me a lot when I ground over my lines)
3. Replacement tip is cheap and sold everywhere.

I just thought of another feature it has: if you unscrew the height adjustment screw almost all the way, the sharp tip won't stick out and it's safe to handle without poking yourself.

Materials you'll need:
1. Two screws
2. Replacement scriber tip from Home Depot for $2
3. Piece of plastic or metal about 1"x1"x2"


Here is the instructions:


1. Make a rectangular piece of plastic or metal, let's call it, "base" (mine is 3/4"x3/4"x1.5" and made out of cutting board plastic). IMHO you really don't need anything harder than plastic



2. Drill a hole thru the base at about 15 degrees to the bottom of the base ( as in the picture) . The diameter of this hole is the same as the scribe tip



3. Drill a bigger diameter hole half way thru the block using the previous hole as a pilot hole.

4. Tap this hole (I am using tap for 1/4" screws).

5. Drill a hole perpendicular to the smaller diameter hole and tap it. This is for the tip tightening screw.


6. Insert scribe tip and screws.






Dave (Txcwboy) has already "Pimped" one out:

"10 Min to make and 60 min to pimp it out . "

"I looked all over for a scriber replacement tip, none to be found. Home Depot didn't have a scribe even. Sears didn't either. I did manage to find something that will work though. Just had to use my thinking cap Thanks for idea"

"I saw the scribe that the tip is the replacement for. Its in the section of Home Depot that sells the small tools . Its made by General and is over by the spring loaded center punch they sell. I used a small scribe tip I got at a surplus store. I paid .25 cents for it and they have bunches."

"I bought a chunk of alum. at the surplus store for 1 buck. I have one of those jewelling rods from Brownells. I have a cross vise and lapping compound thinned out some with oil.

Good Luck


Many thanks to Alex for this neat tool! ...and to Dave for his "pimped" version - GB