Forge/anvil information:_______________________________________________

Health hazards associated with welding/high heat

Metal Fume Fever


Material Safety Data Sheets



A Blown Mini-Forge

Building the Ron Reil style propane burner

Forge building tutorial 

Forge construction

Forge gallery

Forge plans and forge photos 

Free gas forge plans 

Gas facts

Gas forge

Gas-Forge (basic)

Great forge info, including the mini forge and coffee can forge

Indian George's Forge building tutorial 

JTH7 torch for use in the one fire brick forge 

Mailbox forge

Melting & casting metal with homemade stuff and a tiny budget!

Minnie Forge  

My Quick and Easy Propane Fired Forge  

New mini forge up and running  

One brick forge/Micro forge

One fire brick forges

One fire brick forge (background) and pipe forge

One brick forge plan

Paint can forge tutorial

Plans of a Venturi Burner for Propane-Gas (PDF)

Ron Riel's site- great forge/burner information

Son of Two Brick Forge

Soft kiln brick heating chamber (forge)

Simple brick forge 

Simple propane forge

The Famous 10 Minute Forge  

The Really Stupid Gas Burner 

The Trash Can Furnace  

Troubleshooting Your New Forge or Burner

Two brick forge


A simple coal forge

Blower plans

Brake drum forge

Brake drum forge

Build your own portable forge

Charcoal forge

Charcoal forge

Coal/Coke-forge, Several Designs & Ideas  

E-z blacksmithing coal forge

Forge Blower Plans

Forge building tutorial 

Forge Plans

How to Build a Forge for under $150

How to build your own forge

Japanese box bellows  tutorial

Lighting a coal forge

Mad Dave's Five Hour Forge

Primitive blacksmithing - drawing of a very simple sword forge. I've seen variations of this type of forge in different photos of primitive forges

The forge fire - scroll down

The Portable, Affordable Bobby's Forge!

The Wilderness Forge  

Viking age forge


Refractory supplies - Ellis Custom Custom Knifeworks

Inswool and Insboard

Ceramic platen liners

Burner components and pipe fittings

Wire rope for damascus

Nelsonite wood stabilizer

Wrought iron

Etching machines

Refractory coatings

ITC products

Propane regulators and assemblies

Burners and burner kits

Knifemaking videos

Forge gallery

Castable refractory


Needle, ball, & gate valves


Coffee can forge kit

Steel for knifemaking and damascus

Hydraulic forging presses

Charcoal from the grocery store

Charcoal Making and Forging in the Japanese Tradition  (pictorial)

Forge materials 

Making charcoal

Making Insulating Castable Refractory from common materials 

Testing Refractories:  Flux resistance



A primer on anvils

Anvil base

Anvil making

Anvil made from 2" steel plate

Anvil repair

Anvil stand discussion

Stake anvil

Bladesmithing anvil 5"x5"x24"

Build an anvil stand  (,pdf)

Homemade anvil tools

Japanese forging hammers

Make a hot cut hardy

Making a good inexpensive anvil 

Making an anvil

More on anvil repair

Pieced anvil

Rail anvil

RR-rail anvils

RR track anvil

RR track anvil #2

RR track anvil

RR track anvil

RR track anvil

Selecting an anvil

Stake anvil

Stump anvils

Using a sledge hammer as an anvil



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