Heat treat information:   


Health hazards associated with welding/high heat

Metal Fume Fever


Material Safety Data Sheets

1050, 1065, 1075, 1095 heat treat info

440C, ATS-34, BG-42  heat treat info

A quick lesson on heat treating

Accurate Temperature Judgments of Heated High Carbon Steels

Basic guide to ferrous metallurgy

Clay Coated Heat Treat

Crucible data sheet for O1

Crucible data sheet for L6

Crucible data sheet for A2

Crucible data sheet for D2

Crucible data sheet for M2

Cryogenics Some thoughts posted by Phil Wilson

Differential Heat Treating

Differential hardening with clay

Edge quenching

FAQ/Quenchants: Air, Brine, Water, Oil, Synthetics and Super Quench

FAQ/Heat Treating: Hardening and Tempering

Getting the clay to stick

Hardening and Tempering

Heat treat by Max Burnett

Heat treat info

Heat treat service for oil quenched steels

Heat treating 154CM and ATS 34

Heat treating instructions for all stainless Damascus

Heat treating services for carbon steel blades 

Heat Treating Simple Carbon Steels and Effects of Alloys in Heat Treatment of Steels

Heat Treatment of Steel from Machinery's Handbook, 1924 edition

How to clay temper a blade 

Just some opinion and observation on water hardening

Many different steels heat treat info

Many different steels heat treat info

Metallurgy FAQ V 1.0

Metallurgical Terms Made Simple  - Understanding Those Intimidating "Ites" By Kevin Cashen, ABS Master Bladesmith

My method for getting hamon on 1095  by Chiro75

Nice photo of applied clay in this bowie pictorial

Normalizing and hardening

O1 heat treat info 

Paul Bos Heat Treating Information

Post quench clean up tip

Practical Data for Metallurgists


Questions about clay coating

Simplified heat treating explanation


Testing Brownell's Tough-Quench

The Metallurgy of Heat Treating for Blacksmiths  site is having problems as of 1-22-2007

Tripple (triple) quench, once and for all. Maybe

Steelworker Volume 01

View all Crucible data sheets 

Also see: forges, ovens, and salt baths.



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