The first two links are very comprehensive and should be your first read in this category.


Suppliers list - A very comprehensive list of suppliers compiled by C. L. Wilkins 

Master index of knife making material, services. and suppliers from AJH-Knves 

Manufacturers list for Abrasive products, Cutting tools, CNC tooling, Hand tools, Lubricants/fluids, Measuring & Inspection tools/machines, Shop specialties, Tool & die components and Torque tools

Metalworking online resources from
Metal links from


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) online

Buffing supplies from

Blacksmith suppliers

Custom etching by

Custom micarta

Flint knife supplies from

File sharpening services, new files, carbide burrs and drills

Industrial supply house:  McMaster Carr

Japanese Sword Polishing Items and Sword Accessories

Australia knife making supplies

Knife Machines and Tools cc / Afri-Thipa cc

Knife making materials from milesofalaska

Knife making materials from

Knife making materials from

Knife making materials from

Knife making materials from

Knife scales from

Knife Supplies

Thompson's Scandinavian Knife Supply, LLC 

UK knife making supplies

Parachute cord in 30 colors

Solder-it kit

The knife handle material Encyclopedia (75+ pics)


EdgePal sharpening system by Thomas Lofvenmark

Edge-Pro system

PSA (Scary Sharp) Honing System and honing supplies by 

Stabilized juniper burls


Steel used in knife making

Admiral Steel online shop

Crucible Steels for Knife Making

Damascus steel

Steel from

Steel from

52100 Tool Steel

Pattern welded steel

Junkyard steel, using recycled steel or steels of unknown pedigree

Junkyard steel

Common Railroad Steels Site having problems as of 1-22-2007

Spark charts

Spark testing Site having problems as of 1-22-2007

More on spark testing

Technical guide to "Sex bolts"

Teeth and Claws - Ellis Custom Knifeworks

Inswool and Insboard

Ceramic platen liners

Burner components and pipe fittings

Wire rope for damascus

Nelsonite wood stabilizer

Wrought iron

Etching machines

Refractory coatings

ITC products

Propane regulators and assemblies

Burners and burner kits

Knifemaking videos

Forge gallery

Castable refractory


Needle, ball, & gate valves


Coffee can forge kit

Steel for knifemaking and damascus

Hydraulic forging presses



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