.303 British


My Enfield No.4 Mk.1 Caliber .303 British

I picked up this Enfield No.4 Mk.1 some years back at a local gun shop. Someone had started to sporterize it and the result was not a pretty sight. There were quite a few dents/dings and an arsenal repair on the walnut butt stock. The fore stock was cut down and made of a solid (butt ugly) piece of beech  The metal's finish was worn on the receiver and muzzle.

Good things; the action is glass smooth and the bore clean. There are only a couple of dings on the receiver and the rear sight is in good working order

I put a few rounds thru it to check function; then stuck it in a hidden away corner. That changed when I  found some decent wood  for it (that didn't cost me more than what I paid for the rifle).  I've started restoring it to military dress. The wood cleaned up well, but I found barely a noticeable repair below the safety. That little blip aside, the No.4 is looking a lot better in new clothes. I guess I need to find a correct sling now. ~ GB

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