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My name is Greg Brannon. I'm a retired Marine and hobbyist knifemaker.

This page is provided to make some information I've found on knife making available to other makers or anyone interested in making knives.


Many thanks to the individuals who have made this information available.





P.S. I've change the format of the site to, hopefully, make it a little more friendly for dial up users. If you prefer the old style of the site it can be found here.

I will continue to update both versions.

This is a boot knife I made from a recycled file; 9.5 inches oal, edge quenched with a brass guard and elk handle.




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Heat treat information

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Instructional links: with single tutorial/information pages and multiple tutorial sites.

Instructional videos

Miscellaneous, but good to know information

Recommended books

Shop and tool information; with separate grinder, forge/anvil, and power hammer/press sections.



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Books -  Classes - Forums  -  Heat treat  - Miscellaneous - Multiple tutorials - Shop - Single tutorials - Supplies - Videos






"Rest in Peace"





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