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If you see an unlinked tutorial that interest you, please visit the page it's listed under. The individual tutorials are listed for search purposes, but I did not link to all of them as they are from sites compiled by others. I'm sure they put a lot work into doing that and feel it only appropriate that their site be visited. Many of these sites are continually updated. - Tutorials and info compiled by Blade Gallery

Caring for Collectable Knives
Insurance for Your Collection
Forging vs. Stock Removal
Food for Thought:
Selecting your First Knives by Steve Schwarzer, M.S.
The Care and Sharpening of Double Bevel Knives
The Care and Use of Synthetic Waterstones
The Kris      
A Glossary of Knife Terms
About Stone Knives by Errett Callahan, MA, MFA, PhD
Can Stone Knives be Used? by Errett Callahan, MA, MFA, PhD
Some Notes on Stone Knife Making by Errett Callahan, MA, MFA, PhD
What is Traditional Flintknapping? by Errett Callahan, MA, MFA, PhD
Information about Knife Materials
Working with Fossil Ivory by Roland Quimby
Types of Fossil Ivory by Roland Quimby
Working with Stabilized Handle Materials by Daniel O'Malley
The Elements of Blade Steels by Deryk Munroe

Blade steels by Deoerek Munroe

Introduction to Damascus: Pattern Welded Blades by Christina McGraw
Wootz Damascus Steel by Christina McGraw
Information for Makers
Working with Stabilized Handle Materials by Daniel O'Malley
Where to Get Wood and Handle Materials
American Bladesmith Society Class Schedule
Making a Leather Sheath
Where to Get Steel
Making Mokume
Heat Treating - The Soul of the Blade by Gail Ford
Building Your Own Etching Machine by Jim Arbuckle  - Compiled by

Forged Blade Tutorials

Blacksmith knife tutorial

"Forging to Shape" by Terry Primos

How to Forge a C15th Eating Knife

Forging knife

Folding Knife Tutorials

Liner lock Tom Anderson

More by Tom Anderson

Kit Carson's folder lock

The Liner-Lock Folder by Jason Howell

Custom knives tutorial

Blade Finish

Hand Rubbed Bruce Evans

Etching Damascus steel Don Fogg

Boot Clip Bruce Evans

File work Arrow Bruce Evans

File work Vine Bruce Evans

Shell butt cap Bruce Evens

Oval Bruce Evens

Half penny guard Bruce Evens

Hamon how to By Steve Agocs

Cutlass Grind Bruce Evens

How I make Damascus Steel

Damascus Tutorial

Sheath's Tutorials

Andersson : Sheath Making

Full silver sheath Bruce Evans




Make a pouch sheath

How to make Pouch sheath

Constructing a Pouch Sheath

How to make a split pouch clip on sheath

Leather-Covered Kydex Sheath for Big Knives

Woodcraft sheath-making

Handles Tutorials

Cord wrapped Knife Handles

Cord Wrapping Your Handles by Greg Watkins

Tsuka-maki, The Art of Japanese Sword

Coke bottle handle Bruce Evens

Mortised Tangs Terry Primos

Scale (slab) Dan Gray

Heat Treating Tutorials

Heat Treating Practices At by Timken Latrobe Steel

Salt Baths Kevin Cashen

Heat treat

Ed Fowlers heat treat

Scale prevention with PBC for temps under 1600 deg Terry Primos

Heat treating 1084 Steel

5160 steel spec's and heat treating

The Metallurgy of Heat Treating High Carbon Steel


A Woodworker’s Guide to Tool Steel and Heat Treating

General and Shop Tutorials

How make Anodizer? Anodizer - Bob Warner

How make Electro-Etching Unit? Electro-Etching Unit - Bob Warner

How make Forge?

Coal - equipment, materials, constructed - Bob Warner

Gas - Forge Building Tutorial - Indian George Knives

Forge and Burner Design Pages - Ron Reil

My Quick and Easy Propane Fired Forge - James Riser

The Famous 10 Minute Forge - Jock Dempsey

Gas forge Don Fogg

Propane Forge and Burner - Bob Warner

Very Simple Gas Forge

The Japanese Box Bellows by Daniel O'Connor

The Charcoal Retort by Daniel O'Connor

Forge Plans by R. Lee Morningstar

How make Salt bath?

Salt bath - Kevin Cashen


French site (translated by Google, links will also be translated)   - Tutorials from

Forge and heat treatments of the blades

The grain of steel in images.

Some steel charts

Shrinkage cracks of hardening

Manufacture of a burner for a forging mill with gas (by YaCo)

Forge grips (by Fabian)

Colors of hardening

Plans of the Vernet trip hammer

Chop with edge sandwich  (by  Tacol )

Use of a three-phase electric motor 380 V in single-phase current 220 V

Manufacture of a Piemontais knife  (by  Mick ) - Friction folder tutorial

Manufacture of a case out of wood

(Top) - A very good site: many knifemaking links  compiled and categorized by Dan Gray 


JDM5160 John Deere control( rock) shaft steel now available (new steel)$2.50a pound, get it now..

Used commercial Bands aw blade steel for sale $1.50 per pound plus S&H

When Disaster strikes a fellow knifemaker you can help out here ,

You thinking Credit Card Fraud??



budget casting supply Rio Grande, Casting supply's to Jewelry

Need your files re-sharpened and other tools??

Arkansas Oilstones

Hall's Arkansas Oilstones, Inc. Over a Quarter Century Of The World's Best


Band saw Blades

Flat groundO1,A2,D2,S7,and drill rod.

Gun Kote Some Forum info on it. transformers plus

gadgets, clamps to air vices ,

Touch mark Gallery

Build it yourself


Anodizer Bob Warner

Anodizer Jason Howell



photo resist exposure unit Bob Warner

Electro-Etching Unit Bob Warner

Forge.......Satanite Refractory, Kaowool, ITC-100;  please mention Knivesby,com

Coal Bob Warner

Gas Indian George

Gas Ron Reil

Gas Larry Zoeller

Gas James Riser


Gas Don Fogg

Gas D W Wilson

Gas Bob Warner

Gas Lionel Oliver II

Gas Very Simple Forge

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses Don Fogg Knives

part numbers for building a press parts that IG used for Big Bertha

building a press IG's Big Bertha


more tools by Bob Warner



Photo Light Box

Light Box By Coop


Salt Pots

Elec. & Gas Kevin Cashen

Gas Salt pot plans Mike Starling Warnings  Gas controls

Knife Making Tutorials

Antler Straightening

Antler Straightening 101 from 1932 on linked from Bladeforums

Blade Finish

Hand Rubbed Bruce Evans

Etching Don Fogg

Hand Rubbed Engnath

Polish Engnath


Pewter Bolsters Wild Rose Trading Company

Lost Wax Casting BY Rich Waugh


Boot Clip Bruce Evans


Scottish and matching Wooden Sheath Vince Evans

File work

Arrow Bruce Evans

Vine Bruce Evans


Liner lock Tom Anderson

More by Tom Anderson

Liner Lock Kit Carson


Forging a Blade Carroll Hale III

Forging a Blade Calvin Bowman

Forging a Blade Article Nick Wheeler


Shell butt cap Bruce Evens

Oval Bruce Evens

Half penny guard Bruce Evens


Hamon how to By Steve Agocs,CHIRO75 on BFC


cord wrap Michael Murphy

cord wrap Greg Watkins

The Art of Tsukamaki The Art of Japanese Sword, Thomas L .Buck

Coke bottle handle Bruce Evens

Mortised Tangs Terry Primos

Scale (slab ) Dan Gray

Heat Treating

Heat Treating Practices At by Timken Latrobe Steel

Salt Baths Kevin Cashen

Salt problems? forum talk

Forging heat temps At

Forging heat temps At

by Forge Ed Fowler

Scale prevention with PBC for temps under1 600 deg Terry Primos

Case Hardening Forum


Escutcheon Dan Gray


Peening Pins Dan Gray


Turks Head Knot Dan Kohn


Scandinavian Tommy Andersson

Sewing Leather Chuck, Wild Rose Trading Company

Stitch Pony Chuck, Wild Rose Trading Company                                

Medal Bruce Evans

Mex loop Wild Rose Trading Company

Pouch Bruce Evans

Pouch Dan Gray

Braided leather keeper strap Dan Gray

Pouch Stone and Steel knife works

Clip Tracy Mickley

Kydex under Leather Dan Koster on BFC

Wood Edgewise, hosted on Old Jimbo 's website

Dipping Mike Hull

Welts Making adjustable Welts Wild Rose Trading Company

More links for Sheath making on BFC


Guard Bruce Evans

Guard Bob Van Gelder

silver soldering guards tips from the knifeForum Guys


forging Kevin R. Cashen

How Sword Making Works Don Fogg


leather By Ron Ross



Find Material Safety Data Sheets on what you are using here

SHOPS WARF, Machine shop type info, wire gage, bolt head Identification, Tons Required to Punch holes, and more



Heat Treating Temps and more

Machinery's Handbook,1924 edition

RWL-34 Damasteel

440C heat treating by crucible

154CM heat treating by crucible

cpms30V heat treating by crucible

cpms60v heat treating by crucible

cpmS90v heat treating by crucible

cpm3V heat treating by crucible

cpm10V heat treating by crucible

A2 heat treating by crucible

D2 heat treating by crucible

REXM2 heat treating by crucible

1084 heat treating by Kevin Cashen

10XX steels and more

10XX steels

15n20 band saw steel HUB-15n20

UHB15 band saw steel

5160JDM5160 New John-Deere control shaft steel

5160 steel spec's and heat treating

Steel Alloys and more

Element Content and how it effects steel

NEW Interrupted quenches "normal" quench, BFC

Composition for common knife steels


Forging temps and more

Drill Tap Chart


Cutlass Grind Bruce Evens

Hollow grind line Height Calculator on

Motor questions

3 phase BFC

making a 3 phase rotary converter DIYBFC


photo-etch on metal Karen Christians, author

Static Shock from your grinder/buffers

Tools you can make


Amber (working with)

Interesting Information

Things that help at knife shows, bladeforums

What Sells???

Etching Damasteel

Who The Heck Are Ya? On Bladeforums

Theo's Knife Links Portal,over3,000links

a bunch of Jewelry Welding and Fabrication Links

forging or stock removal, Best quality knife? Is Edge packing a myth??

Junk Yard Steel

Adobe Photo Shop to design ANY knife you want? Phil's website

Cuir Bouilli/Hardened Leather FAQ

grain size and deep Cryo( liquidNitrogen,N2) BY Cliff Stamp

grain size being too small is not a good thing?

Does Forged steel have memory??

Finishing Stones Don Fogg

Gun Bluing Salts

Soldering Stainless and Work Hardening

Photo Taking By pendentive, Dan Koster

Using and warnings for Potassium-Permanganate to color Antler

Understanding Steel make-up Robert Cella, metallurgist

(Top) - compiled by

"Talonite- New Blade Material" by Chuck Bybee

"Timascus - The New Damascus" by Chuck Bybee

"Cyber Blades" By Pat Covert in American Handgunner

Chris Reeve Knives FAQ

S30V Stainless: New Steel for Chris Reeve

"The Lost Knife" by R.N. Friedland

Oregon Knife Collectors Assn Show 2001 Picture Review

2000 ABS Cutting Competition by Larry Connelley

Batson Blade Symposium 2001 by Larry Connelley

Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing 2003 Class Schedule

Heat Treating & Etching Instructions for Thunderforged™ Damascus

"Bowie Knife Fight at the Arkansas Capital" by Larry Connelle     

"Testing Blades" by Terry Primos

"Forging or Stock Removal?" by Terry Primos

"Differential Heat Treating" by Terry Primos

"Steel Classification" by Terry Primos

"Forging to Shape" by Terry Primos 

"Collecting Knives as Art" by Paracelsus

"Caring For Your Knife" by Joseph Szilaski

"New York Show 99 Pictures" by Larry Connelley

"99' ABS Fall Hammer-In" by Larry Connelley

"The Vacuum Compressor" by Curtis M. Wilson

"File Work Patterns" by Curtis M Wilson

"A Workers View on Stabilization" by Curtis Wilson

 ABS Hall of Fame Photos - 1999

Interview with Bill Moran by Larry Connelley

Knife Encyclopedia

Spring '99 Hammer-In Photos

"Safety Tips for Knife Makers" by Allen Elishewitz

"Safety Tips for Knife Makers - Part 2" by Allen Elishewitz

"Evaluating A Custom Knife" by Darrel Ralph

"Plain vs. Serrated" by Joe Talmadge

"Combat Knives" by Allen Elishewitz  

"My Perspective on Collecting" by Dave Ellis, MS

"Knife Shows -A Knifemaker's Perspective" by Dave Ellis, MS

"How I Got Started in Knifemaking" by Dave Ellis, MS

"What is a Master Smith?" by Dave Ellis, MS

A Knife Prayer by Morris Herring

Arkansas Custom Knife Show Pictures

Geometry of a Cutting Edge by Allen Elishewitz

"Should we be afraid of technology?" by Allen Elishewitz

How to Sharpen Your Knife

Arkansas Knifemaking Tradition by Arkansas Territorial Restoration

Sharpening FAQ by Joe Talmadge

Table of Different Steels

Rare Arkansas Bear Attack

The Blade Geometry FAQ by Joe Talmadge

The Knife Edge FAQ by Joe Talmadge

The Steel FAQ by Joe Talmadge

Knife Poem by Perry Cutchen

Heat Treating Various Steels

American Bladesmith Society Master Smith List

"Finishes on Steel" by Allen Elishewitz

"Fisk- National Living Treasure" Press Release

Chris Reeve Knives FAQ

"Las Vegas 2002 Pictures" by Rodney Connelley

The Custom Knife Newsletter

"The Knife Lore of the Anglo-Saxons" by Edward Konig

Top Ten Reasons to Order

Little Rock, Arkansas Info

"Q & A with Knife Designer Joel Pirela"  - New site (with many links already) that allows you to submit tutorials you have or find.  Site is down as of 8-5-2006  - Tutorials/info from








Hand Rub

Knife Design


Machine tools


Folding Knives

Kitchen Knives

Materials in Knifemaking



Parts of a Knife

Workshop Safety

Japanese Sword

Glue Recipies

Exotic Woods

Stone Tools


Stock removal

Full Tang

Stick Tang


Sheath Making

Japanese fittings

Making Habaki

Making Saya




Q & A

Steel Alloys

Heat Treating

Mohs Scale


Soft Alloys

Soft Alloy Heats

Time lines

Color Temp

Edge Angles

Melting Points and Atomic Weights

World Clock

Knife Care



Hones Many tutorials compiled and categorized  by the Knife Network

For the Collector                

Custom Knife Collecting by Jerry Oksman

A Little About Knives by Don Cowles

Folding Knife Tutorials            

How to build a Lock-Back Folder by Neil Charity

Building an Interframe Folderby Neil Charity

How to make a Slip Joint Pocketknife by Chris Crawford

Fixed Blade Tutorials               

What is a Bladesmith? by Terry Primos

Fitting Scales on my Sheepsfoot Knife by Jens Anso

Setting a Jewel in Steel by Don Cowle

Fitting Dovetailed Bolsters by Don Cowles

Let's Build a Lil' Skinner by Terry Hearn

Vine File work by Bruce Evans

Arrowhead File work by Bruce Evans

Instructions for Assembling a Knife Blade Without a Guard by Jim Lemcke (TKS)

Coke bottle style handle by Bruce Evans

Grinding a Cutlass ground Blade by Bruce Evans

Making a Oval Guard with balls on the ends by Bruce Evans

Half penny quillion style Guard by Bruce Evans

Making a Shell Buttcap by Bruce Evans

Soldering a guard by Bruce Evans

Hand rubbing a Blade by Bruce Evans

Making a Boot Clip by Bruce Evans

Making a Pouch Sheath  by Bruce Evans

Making Leather Working Gouges by Bruce Evans

Solderless Guards by Terry Primos

From start to finish on how to make a full metal sheath by Bruce Evans

How To Make Your Own .004 Inch Stainless Steel Washers by Chris Crawford

Tang-tapering Tutorial by Don Cowles

Tang-tapering Tutorial  by Rob Brown

Fitting Bolsters  by Rob Brown

Fitting Guards by Rob Brown

Mirror Finishing by Rob Brown

Forged Blade Tutorials

Heat Treat by Max Burnett

Forging Chainsaw Chain Damascus by Max Burnett

How to Build a Small Adobe Propane Forge by Tim Lively

How To Build A Full Size Charcoal Burning Adobe Forge by Tim Lively

Accurate Temperature Judgments of Heated High Carbon Steels by Tim Lively

Catalog Drawings of Old Blacksmithing Tools 

Heat Treating the Forged Blade by Tim Lively

Differential Heat Treating by Terry Primos

Steel Classification by Terry Primos

Effects of Alloying Elements in Steel by Terry Primos

Composition of Knife Steels by Terry Primos                                       

Forging To Shape by Terry Primos

Testing Blades by Terry Primos

Making Mokume for the Bladesmith by Jonathan A. Loose

Creating a blade to pass the ABS Journeyman Smith Test by Ed Caffrey

How-to for making bronze cable damascus by Gene Osborn

cale Prevention During Heat Treating by Terry Primos The Making of an Integral Bolster Camp Knife  by Francisco Ferrari

General and Shop Tutorials

Build an Inexpensive Light Box for Knife Photos by Steve Korn

Questions commonly asked by new knifemakers by Bob Warner

How to build a welding table by Bob Warner

How to build a recirculating, heated quench tank by Bob Warner

How to build a disc sander and pedistal stand by Bob Warner

How to build a coal forge with a car brake drum for firepot by Bob Warner

How to build an anodizer for coloring titanium by Bob Warner

How to build an electro-etch machine for etching logo's on blades by Bob Warner

How to build a propane forge and burner by Bob Warner

How to build an exposure unit for making your own stencils for electro-etching by Bob Warner

A Simple, Easy to Make Leather Stitching Pony by Chuck Burrows aka Wild Rose

How to construct a Mexican Loop style knife sheath by Chuck Burrows aka Wild Rose

The WRTC Method of Stitching a Leather Knife Sheath by Chuck Burrows aka Wild Rose




Theo's favorite knife links  - Too many links to list (all sorts; more than 3300 total!!); has a good size tutorial section plus many more related links

B. Evans - Knife Making Tutorials
Blade Forging
Blade Geometry
Bob Warner - Tips, tricks & tools
Boyer Blades - Knife Info Page
Carving Tutorial by Jake Powning
Center Cross Panoramic Shop Tour
Clark, R.W. - Bolsters
Custom Knife Directory Knifemaking Tutorials
Cyberblade Workshops & Tools
Decorative Pins
Don Fogg - The Way
Don Fogg Tips
Engnath - Lagacy of a Legend
Engnath, The Manual
Etching made clear by Ricardo (Link partner)
Free Gas Forge Plans
French for Knive
Gatherwood, Buckx - Nederlandse handleiding
Gripmaking - Step by Step
How a Boyer Blade is made....
How to forge a blade by Andrew Jordan
How To Make A Slip Joint Pocketknife
How to make Knives (Link partner)
How To Install Scales On A Knife Blade
Khukuri - How it's made
Knife & Puzzle (Jap)
Knife Tutorial
Knifemaking - Step by Ste
Knifemaking Tutorials by Chris Crawford
Knifemaking Tutorials by Rob Brown
Knifemaking with Titanium
Knivemakers Steel Chart by A.G. Russell
Lag din eigen kniv
Make a Puukko Finlan
Making Knife
Making Your Own Knife
Metal Web News
Moss, JP - Knife Making Seminars
Ozark School of Blacksmithing
PVC Hunting Knife Sheath
Ray Rogers Handcrafted Knives
Re wrap your handle
RSA Blades - Knifemaking Encyclopedia
Scale Prevention During Heat Treating by Terry Primos
Seadog Knives - Build your own knife
Smedning og Knive
Solderless Guards by Terry Primos
Some true words - Take care
Stone Knife - How to make
Testing Blades by Terry Primos
The Manual  




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