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Power Hammer:

http://www.beautifuliron.com/gs_air_hammers.htm - Forging Hammer References

Manufacturers & distributors of air hammers

Kuhn Maschinentechnik

Tooling for air hammers

A letter from Bill Pieh

STC-88 Air Hammer

Throttle stops for Chinese made hammers


http://www.iforgeiron.com/BPindex/Subject/Hammers/BPhammers.shtml#mechanical  - I Forge Iron Blueprints; Subject - Hammers  Site having problems as of 1-22-2007

Hand Hammers

Mechanical Hammers

Power Hammers

Air Hammers


http://magichammer.freeservers.com/ - Magic Hammer Forge

My Kinyon style air hammer

Air hammer details

Air hammer plumbing

Hammer dies

Spring tools

The BIG air hammer     

The treadle hammer

Planishing hammer


http://www.anvilfire.com/power/index.htm - Power Hammer Page

Catalog of User Built & JYH Hammers

OSHA and Forging Machines

List of Manufacturers

Pettingell Hammers

Nazel Self Contained Hammer

Beaudry Power Hammer Images

Page 2 Niles-Bement Hammer
Page 8 Big Boy Fly Presses

Page 9 Fly Presses

Page 10 New EC-JYH

United Forging Hammers  Beaudry, Fairbanks and Nazel hammers
Wildrose Little Giant Video Sold in the
U.S. exclusively by anvilfire.com
S T R I K E R Self contained pneumatic forging hammers.
Pounding out the Profits Book Review
LITTLE GIANT Specs   Little Giant Specifications and prices for all models in 1976
LITTLE GIANT Motors   Little Giant Motor selection graph (reverse engineering)
LITTLE GIANT Images   Little Giant and Meyer Brothers hammer images and commentary.
EC-JYH Supplement   Anvilfire NEWS coverage of the construction of the EC-JYH


ABANA plans for simple air hammer and modified treadle hammer

Air Hammer Parts and Upgrade Kit

Air hammers  by Richard Furrer

Banning Benchtop Hammer

Big Blu hammer forging dies

Brake for a 50lb Little Giant Power Hammer

Building A Kinyon Style Hammer

China Power Hammer

Die Keys for Little Giant Power Hammers

Frog Valley forge power hammer photos

Helpful ideas for setting up a small air hammer written primarily for the China Power Hammer (STC88), but should be useful to all.

Helve Hammer drawings Site having problems as of 1-22-2007

Homemade Helve hammer

How to build an air hammer

Iron Kiss hammers

Little Giant Power Hammer

North Carolina JYH

Phoenix Forging Hammers:


Plans for a simple treadle hammer (PDF)

Plans for  Krusty - The Power hammer (PDF)

Plans of the Vernet trip hammer

Power hammer based on the Appalachian Dusty

Power hammer spacers Site having problems as of 1-22-2007

Rebuilding a power hammer

Rusty: Appalachian power hammer

Say-Mak power hammers

Shopdog PH18™

The Grasshopper treadle hammer Old site's photos are gone, but you can see what one looks like here

The Helve hammer - Theory, Tuning, and Practice

The rebuild process of a Champion 65# power hammer

Treadle Hammer.. Full Picture:

Treadle Push Rod Springs

Upper Rocker Arm   

Treadle View

Hammer and Guide

Treadle Hammer - Kit - Hardware - Plans

Treadle hammer plans for sale from Bob Warner

Tuning for Controllability

Vibration & noise issues with power hammers



25 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press By Ron Claiborne

Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press

Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press

"H" frame press

Hydraulic Forging Press

Hydraulic Forging Press

Hydraulic Press Anvil Design

Hydraulic press plans for sale from Bob Warner

Imagination Xpress hydraulic forging press

Indian George’s press:

Indian George’s parts listing

Surplus Center

Northern Tool & Equipment

Imagination Xpress hydraulic forging press

Junkyard hydraulic press photo 1:

Junkyard hydraulic press photo 2

Junkyard hydraulic press photo 3

Matt Walker's 30 ton Hydraulic Forging press  (,pdf)

Press dies thread

Press gallery by D, Fogg

RR track hot cutter for a hydraulic press  by D. Fogg

Thread about press forging dynamics



Steel Rolling Mill Plans



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